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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Session Bookings

We have available slots during non-schooling hours. You need to select one or more of these 45 minutes slots for your child. This needs to be selected a minimum of 24 hours prior to the session. You will get a confirmation email if your booking is successful.

Session Delivery

A session will be done for 45 minutes during the given time slot. If you have booked the slot a tutor will be available for you during that 45 minutes. However, you can reschedule the session for the standby slots according to your package two hours prior to the session.

Parents can choose the lessons for their child individually for each session. This can be done after booking the session. If the lesson is not selected before the session time, the tutor will be choosing a lesson from the lesson navigation according to the pupil’s year. One lesson can be completed with two sessions. If the pupil is still struggling parent must request the lesson again or else tutor will move to a different lesson. If the pupil is capable of completing more than one lesson during the session the tutor will move to the next session. There can be 3 max lessons for a session.

The sessions are delivered from our own picksession platform. It is delivered by audio sharing the lesson content in our classroom. There won’t be any video conversation, considering the safety of the student and the tutor.

Payment Terms

Payment can only be made through our site during the bookings. Please make sure to double-check the date, time, and the student’s account name.

Payment is not refundable after booking, however, the parent can skip the session to a standby slot according to the package. This has to be done two hours prior to the session. This option is not available for one session bookings.

Accept Credit / Debit Cards.

If there’s any technical issue in conducting a lesson and being unable to conduct it, the lesson will be repeated, but not being able to refund.

Session Packages.

Free Session

This is available for all the new parent accounts, for you to understand how our session and the platform works. You can use this for your child’s first session. This is will not be available for the second child onwards.

One session

You need to select an available slot within the next 7 days. There won’t be any standby slots to reschedule the booking.

10 Sessions (Half Term Bookings)

You need to select a date & time for the first session. You will get the same time slot for the next following 10 weeks plus another two standby slots if any rescheduling is required.

20 Session (Full Term Bookings)

You need to select a date & time for the first session. You will get the same time slot for the next following 20 weeks plus another four standby slots if any rescheduling is required.


In order to do a successful session following things are required.

  1. Desktop or a laptop (Pads and mobiles will not be effective enough).
  2. Headphone with a mic.
  3. Stable internet connection.
  4. Google chrome as the browser.